May 2 – Colloquium

Cohort 2 presented results from their semester of research this morning.  We were happy to see that many students had friends and family in attendance to hear their talks on wind power engineering, raptor migration (below right), greenhouse evapotranspiration, microbiology, and compostable products (below left).











After five excellent and informative talks, thought-provoking questions from the audience, a brief certificate ceremony (below), and a last lunch together, YSDE 2012 drew to a close.  The National Youth Science Foundation extends many thanks to Canaan Valley Institute for the use of its wonderful facility and the outstanding support of its scientists, as well to NASA for the financial support that has made the first two years of YSDE possible.  Most of all, we appreciate the hard work of the students and the support of parents, teachers, and schools that have made the program possible.  Keep an eye out for up-coming information about the fall 2012 YSDE!

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